Airport Line Technician

Definition of Class This position performs duties associated with general servicing of aircraft, crews, and passengers; and maintenance of airport grounds. Incumbents in this position rotate on call duties where the incumbent is expected to respond to calls after normal work hours in a timely manner.
Examples of Work Performed
Greets, parks, and tows arriving and departing aircraft as required.
Assists pilots and passengers with baggage handling, trash removal, other necessities required for safe and comfortable travel.
Provides fueling services, oil , and air as needed to aircraft as required.
Provides customer services, to include but not limited to, cash receipting and credit card processing.
Responsible for general cleanliness of terminal to include bathrooms.
Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of airport grounds outside the terminal; removes debris and trash.
Maintains required FAA daily written reports for runway, fuel farm, fuel trucks, etc.
Provides mowing, trimming, and landscape services.
Maintains multiple fuel inventories (deliver/on PC as required.)
Drives airport trucks and related equipment: University service truck, fuel truck, tug, mowers, and other such items.
Rotates on call duties by responding to calls after normal work hours.
Performs similar or related duties as assigned or required.
Essential Functions These essential functions include, but are not limited to, the following. Additional essential functions may be identified and included by the hiring deepartment.
Responsible for greeting, towing, parking, moving, and marshalling aircraft arriving and departing from ramp.
Maintains airports grounds and cleanliness of terminal.
Maintains fuel inventories and provides FAA daily written reports.
Minimum Education/Experience Education:
Graduation from a standard four-year high school or equivalent (GED).
Incumbents must possess a valid driver s license and obtain a Class D Driver s License within the first six months of employment.
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